How we can help

We are often asked to advise on construction-related issues. It can range from the practicalities of traditional building techniques, to the contractual arrangements required to undertake construction projects of varying values.

Listed below are several frequently asked questions, which we hope will offer some insight into how we may be of assistance.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us and we will happily assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

I dread employing a building contractor. How would working with Fullers differ?

Sadly, elements of the Building Industry attract bad press and employing certain Contractors can be a harrowing and costly experience. Having spoken to many satisfied clients, it is apparent that the use of our own personnel avoids these type of problems.

Our lathe and plaster ceiling has collapsed, damaging the decorative cornice. Can this be repaired.

Yes, we can carry out a sympathetic repair, using traditional materials to reinstate any damaged areas.

We are thinking of extending our house which is Listed, can Fullers prepare plans and gain planning permission for us?

We would recommend that you employ an architect or Engineer to apply for planning permission, we can normally provide a competitive estimate for any works following the approval of planning permission.

Our Contractor has ceased trading mid way through our work. Can Fullers help us finish it off?

We would be pleased to discuss the matter in more detail to see if we can help.

Does directly employing your staff increase the cost of using your services?

We win approximately 80% of our work through a competitive tender process.